Website of the Municipality of Skanderborg

Living and working

If you are new to the Municipality of Skanderborg or if you are considering moving to the area, you can find information about Skanderborg on the Business Region Aarhus website:

The website contains information on how to get registered as a newcomer to the municipality, how to sign up your child for daycare and school.

Also, the website holds information about the wide range of leisure activities that the Lakelands in Skanderborg has to offer.

Collect your welcome pack

If you have just moved to Skanderborg, you can collect a welcome pack in English at the local citizen service:


Municipality of Skanderborg
Citizens’ Services
Adelgade 44
8660 Skanderborg
Tel: +45 8794 0000

For Tourists

If you are visiting the area and want more information about tourism destinations and the many activities that the Lakelands have to offer, you can find information here:

Life in Denmark is a practical guide relevant to your stay in Denmark - whether you are here to work or study.

The guide has the following categories:

  • Coming to Denmark
  • Living in Denmark
  • Cross borders
  • Leaving Denmark is Denmark’s official internet representative. One of the ambitions of the portal is to facilitate the gathering of information on Denmark, Danes and Danish customs for foreigners.

Large parts of are comprised of information about important aspects of the Danish public sphere – art, politics, economy and history, for example.

The portal is available in seven languages​​: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Portuguese.

Sickness and Health

Do you want to know more about Danish Healthcare?

Please click here and choose language (vælg sprog):


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